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Daily Hajj Bulletin

IT Help Desk, Makkah


Date: 02 November, 2014 (09 Muharram 1436 AH)          Time: 11:59 PM         Release: 68

Tomorrow 10th Muharram, 1436 AH is the day of Holy Ashura; this is an important day for Muslims of all over the world. The devout Muslims all over the world will spend the day in worship of Allah.

There were total 50,399 pilgrims moved from Makkah to Madinah after hajj and out of them 36,152 pilgrims returned at Bangladesh. Currently 14,247 pilgrims are staying at Madinah.

Latest status as on 02 November, 2014 (Primary Information as Received)

  • Total pilgrims arrived in Bangladesh: 80,727
  • Total flight departed from KSA: 208; out of them Biman Bangladesh Airlines carried 106 & Saudia Airlines carried 102
  • Service provide by IT Help Desk in KSA: 74,015
  • Service provide by IT Help Desk in Mina: 10,842
  • Automated Treatment card provided from KSA Medical Center: 52,696
  • Medical Service provided from KSA Medical Center: 84,977
  • Received luggage (lost from pilgrims) 312; Out  of them delivered 288
  • Total number of death pilgrim: 91; Male-79, Female-12; Makkah-64, Madinah-18, Jeddah-4, Mina-5

Hajj 2014 at a Glance:

  • Total number of Government, Non-Government managed pilgrim and Management members arrived in KSA: 98,605
  • Moallem fee submitted by Non- Government Hajj Agencies: 835
  • Total flight arrived in KSA: 255; out of them Biman Bangladesh Airlines carried 131 & Saudi Arabian Airlines carried 124
  • Last hajj flight arrived in KSA: 30 September, 2014
  • Expected date of last return hajj flight: 8 November, 2014

Latest Death:

Rakib Uddin Ahamed (71), District: Comilla, Thana- Muradnagar, PP: BB0203012, Place & Date of Death: Makkah, 01 November, 2014.


Source of Information: Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Hajj Office, Dhaka and KSA, Addillah Office, Madinah.