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Daily Hajj Bulletin

IT Help Desk, Makkah


Date: 06 October, 2014 (12 Jilhajj 1435 Hijri)         Time: 11:59 PM          Release: 41


Today 12 Jilhajj, 1435 Hijri (06 October, 2014) the pilgrim start to stoning for 3rd day after Juhr Prayer and leave Mina before sunset. The pilgrims are performing Tawaf around the holy Kabba who are not doing that.

The return of Bangladeshi pilgrims will start with the flight BG038 of Biman Bangladesh Airlines on 08 October, 2014

Latest status as on 06 October, 2014 (Primary Information as Received)

  • Total number of Government, Non-Government Managed pilgrim and Management members arrived in KSA by hajj flight: 98,605
  • Total flight arrived in KSA: 255; out of them Biman Bangladesh Airlines 131 & Saudi Arabian Airlines124
  • Service provide by IT Help Desk in KSA: 54,375
  • Service provide by IT Help Desk in Mina: 10,842
  • Automated Treatment card provided from Makkah Medical Center: 32,330
  • Medical Service provided from Makkah Medical Center: 47,120
  • Lost luggage complain 571; Received luggage 248; Out  of them delivered 204
  • Total number of death pilgrim: 43; Male-36, Female-7; Makkah-32, Madinah-7, Jeddah-1, Mina- 2, Arafat- 1

Hajj 2014 at Glance:

  • Moallem fee submitted by Non- Government Hajj Agencies: 835
  • Last date of departure of  hajj flight to KSA: 30 September, 2014
  • Expected first return flight will start to Bangladesh: 8 October, 2014
  • Expected last return flight to Bangladesh: 7 November, 2014

Latest Death:

Mohammad Malek Mredha (81), District: Dhaka, Thana- Ashulia, PP: AG4099323, Place & Date of Death: Makkah, 05 October, 2014



Source of Information: Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Hajj Office, Dhaka and KSA.