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Daily Hajj Bulletin

IT Help Desk, Makkah

Date: 28 August (2 Jilkod              1435 hijri)           Time: 11:59 PM                Publication No. 03


A coordination meeting was held in the meeting Room of Makkah Hajj Mission chaired by hajj administrative team’s leader and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs Mr. Md. Hasan Jahngir Alam, among others Counselor Hajj, Administrative Team members, IT and Medical Team Leader were present. Administrative team members informed the chair person about different issues regarding house for government managed pilgrims and he instantly advices them in the same time he advices the medical team leader regarding medical treatment.

Latest status up to 28 August, 2014 (According to our primary information)


  • Total Pilgrim arrived KSA: 2674
  • Arrived Government managed pilgrim: 1240
  • Arrived agency managed pilgrim: 1434
  • Number of service provide by IT Help Desk at KSA: 1797
  • Number of Medical Treatment card provided from Makkah Medical Center: 5


Hajj at glance

  • Hajj dated 4 October, 2014 (Subject to moon)
  • Approved Hajj Agency: 1110
  • Agencies submitted Moallem fee: 835
  • Government managed pilgrim: 1457
  • Number of Guide for government managed pilgrim: 48
  • Total Pilgrim: 98683
  • First flight for KSA: 27 August, 2014
  • Last flight for KSA: 30 September, 2014-08-29
  • First return flight: 8 October, 2014
  • Last return flight: 7 November, 2014