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The Daily Hajj Bulletin 2013

IT Help Desk, Makkah

Dated: 30 November 2013 (26 Muharram 1435H)         23:59 (Saudi Time)           Release: 90

The honorable Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs Kazi Habibul Awal, HAAB President Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Bahar and Secretary General Mr. Shaikh Abdullah are staying in Makkah today. Tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM they will have an important meeting with Banque Saudi Fransi Authority for Hajj 2014. At the same day after Asar Prayer they will start for Madinah.
On 2ndDecember 2013, they will have hajj related important meeting with Governor of Madinah in the morning and another meeting with Chairman of National Adillah Office in the evening.

Latest Status: (upto 30 November 2013 ‍) as per received primary information

  • Pilgrims returned in Bangladesh: 87,356. (by Biman and Saudia Airlines 86,624 and by Other Airlines 732)
  • Services provided by IT Help Desk in KSA: 46,107.
  • Services provided by Medical Team in KSA: 69,084.
  • Total Treatment card issued: 45,007. In Makkah 30,393 and in Madinah 14,614.
  • Found luggage’s are 270 and delivered to the owner 235.
  • No. of death Hajji: 94 persons. In Makkah 69, in Madinah 19 and in Jeddah 6 persons. Govt. Managed 2 persons and Non-Govt. Managed 92 persons (Male 83, Female 11).

Hajj 2013 at a Glance:

  • Total No. of pilgrim (including management) arrived in KSA by Hajj Flight: 87,854
  • Total number of hajj flight arrived in KSA: 221 ( Biman: 103, Saudia: 118)
  • Number of Hajj Visa  (Only Pilgrim & Guide): 87,126
  • Number of Hajj Agencies who has submitted the Muallem fees: 628
  • The ending date of return Hajj Flight: 30 November, 2013

Latest Death:

    Last 25 November 2013, Md. Abdul Motaleb Farazi (77) of Barisal District has expired in Holly Makkah (Inna Lillahe . . . . . .). This year he came is Saudi Arabia for Hajj by Tanveer Travels (0142). His passport no. is AF2671634.

For details information regarding death please click here

Source: Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, MHSAE- Makkah, National Adillah Office- Madinah, Bangladesh Hajj Office Dhaka & Saudi Arabia.